Why do we need Bactakleen?

Our daily environment is dirtier that we realise, with many of our friends and family falling sick due to airborne pollutants and the constant exposure to contaminated surfaces. ​Bactakleen can help maintain an adequate hygiene standard by providing sanitisation of HVAC systems and enclosed areas. 

What does the Bactakleen antibacterial treatments leave behind?

Bactakleen antibacterial treatments help eliminate up to 99.9% germs and bacteria. Our water-based antibacterial spray-on coating dries in a few minutes without leaving behind any traces of flaky or sticky residue.

Does Bactakleen antibacterial treatment smell?

Bactakleen Ultra Mist is specially formulated solution with organic ingredients, thus providing a crisp natural scent.​ Bactakleen antibacterial treatments are otherwise odourless as it does not reek of chemical fumes or overpowering fragrance.

How long will the effects of the treatment last, and how often should treatments be repeated?

After the first complete treatment service, we recommend that home and office owners reapply for Bactakleen antibacterial fogging service every 2 months. For vehicles, the fogging process should be performed on a monthly basis. As for common contact surfaces, we do recommend spray-on coating on a quarterly basis for maximum antimicrobial effectiveness.

In humid environments such as Malaysia and Singapore, the rate of mould growth is rapid, therefore, it is recommended that Bactakleen treatment be carried out regularly to maintain an optimally hygienic environment.

Is Bactakleen Anti-Bacterial Treatment toxic?

Bactakleen is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It has no harmful effect on humans and pets. Our coating is only available in liquid (water-based) form and engineered to bond permanently to surfaces upon drying. It is even safe and effective for carpeting, clothing and bedding.​

How long does the treatment process take?

The fumigation takes an average of 15 minutes per vehicle or 20 minutes per standard size bedroom. For larger living areas, it may take up to 30 minutes. For large conference rooms, it will require double or triple fumigation sessions to allow adequate coverage. The coating process will take another 15-20 minutes. A standard double-storey house can be completed within 2 hours.​

*Duration for each application may differ, subject to natural elements and/or conditions of surrounding area.

Do I need to prepare the area or vehicle prior to the treatment?

We just recommend the removal of loose items or items that may be sensitive to moist exposure. Otherwise, you do not need to remove or cover any large furniture. In fact, it is better to leave it in place as the anti-bacterial fumigation is capable of penetrating the cushions and bedding for lasting effects against germs and bacteria.

How do I know if my house, office or car has been treated with Bactakleen?

Naturally, most users will notice an increased in freshness of air quality. Hard surfaces such as steering wheel, gear knob, dashboard or furniture will cease to exhibit signs of grubbiness and sticky residue. Applicators will also have a record with Bactakleen treatment stickers provided as an indication of the date of service completion.​

How does Bactakleen compare to other anti-bacterial sprays, aerosols and foams?

Most household grade disinfectants utilize manufactured chemicals which can pose as hazard to users with heightened sensitivity or allergies as the residue remains on contact surfaces.

Bactakleen products are formulated to the safest levels and all work in harmony to provide the best performance. Bactakleen focuses solely on disinfection products and have the most complete range of disinfection products in the industry. All products are tested by independent laboratories to prove its efficacy and backed by international product liability insurance to prove its safety and performance.

Will my regular cleaning routine at treated areas affect performance of the product?

You may continue with your usual cleaning routine as Bactakleen products are built to provide a long-lasting effects. Our solutions form a semi-permanent bond upon application, and becomes insoluble to provide anti-microbial efficacy even after repeated cleanings. It will not wear off unless the surface is abraded with concentrated bleach or other form of cleaning agents.